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Health, Hygiene & Sanitation

Shining Souls (Trust): Nurturing Health, Hygiene, and Sanitation for a Healthier India


Shining Souls (Trust) has emerged as a beacon of hope and transformation in the landscape of non-governmental organizations in India, focusing on the critical areas of Health, Hygiene, and Sanitation. With a relentless commitment to generating awareness towards healthcare, Shining Souls is committed to making a significant impact in enhancing the lives of millions across the country.

Prioritizing Health:

In a nation as diverse as India, health disparities have long been a significant challenge. Access to quality healthcare remains elusive for many, especially in rural areas. Shining Souls (Trust) firmly believes that good health is a fundamental right and is committed to addressing this gap.

Hygiene and Sanitation:

The importance of hygiene and sanitation must be balanced when it comes to public health. Shining Souls recognizes that cleanliness, safe drinking water, and proper sanitation facilities are crucial for preventing diseases and promoting overall well-being. The trust takes a holistic approach to improving hygiene and sanitation:

  1. Community Workshops: Shining Souls conducts educational workshops in villages, teaching communities about the importance of hygiene practices and sanitation. They emphasize the link between good hygiene and better health.
  2. Infrastructure Development: The trust is actively involved in constructing and renovating sanitation facilities and promoting waste management practices in rural areas. These initiatives help communities maintain a clean and safe environment.
  3. Clean Drinking Water: Shining Souls is devoted to providing access to clean, safe drinking water, mitigating the risk of waterborne illnesses and improving overall health.

Generating Health Awareness:

Shining Souls (Trust) is committed to generating health awareness among communities. They organize health camps, seminars, and awareness campaigns on various health issues, including maternal and child health, nutrition, and the prevention of common diseases.

Impact on Communities:

The tireless efforts of Shining Souls have transformed communities across India. Villages that once struggled with inadequate sanitation facilities and unclean drinking water now have access to improved health infrastructure. The trust's health awareness campaigns have led to better-informed communities that take proactive steps to maintain good hygiene and overall health.

Success Stories:

Shining Souls' impact can be noticed through the reduction in preventable diseases, increased life expectancy, and the overall well-being of the neighbourhoods they serve. Many individuals have benefited from the trust's work, receiving timely medical assistance and health education that has transformed their lives.

Get Involved:

Shining Souls (Trust) invites individuals, corporations, and philanthropists to join them in their mission to promote health, hygiene, and sanitation. Your support, whether through financial contributions, volunteer work, or sharing knowledge, can make a profound difference in the energies of countless individuals and communities.


Shining Souls (Trust) stands as a shining example of the power of awareness and action in improving the health, hygiene, and sanitation standards across India. With unwavering dedication, they have touched countless lives, and their journey continues. The trust's work is a testament to the idea that with compassion and commitment, we can collectively create a healthier, more hygienic, and prosperous India. Shining Souls (Trust) remains a source of hope and transformation for those in need.

Our Health, Hygiene & Sanitation Events

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Sanitary Napkin Distribution Programme:

SHINING SOULS successfully organized & completed the Sanitary Napkin Distribution Program for Safe & Clean Periods on 16th of Dec, 2018 at Machwa, Bihar.


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Free Health Camp for All Age:

SHINING SOULS successfully organized & completed the Free Health Camp on 24th of Feb, 2019 at Machwa, Bihar.


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Free Mega Health Camp

SHINING SOULS successfully organized & completed the Free Mega Health Camp on 29th & 30th of Nov, 2019 at Village- Dhyuli Rautela, P.O.- Dhyuli, Dist- Almora, Uttarakhand.


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COVID-19 Awareness & Mask Distribution

Shining Souls has organised a series of Awareness Campaign on Pandemic Covid-19 and Mask distribution Programme in multiple villages / markets in Gopalganj, Bihar on 17th of April & 18th of April 2020


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COVID 19 Awareness Street Play (Nukkad Natak)

As part of this series, a Nukkad Natak was performed / recorded for online awareness about COID-19 in April 2021. Nukkad Natak totally aimed to educate the peoples about the deadly virus.


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Free Mega Medical Health Camp at Gopalganj, Bihar

A free Mega Medical Health camp was organised by Shining Souls in association with Shining Medicos (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. on 2nd of October, 2021 at Village - Smart Market Campus, Bahrerwan Bazar, Block Panchdeori, P.S.- Kateya, Dist- Gopalganj, Bihar - 841437


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Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Workshop

The Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Workshop at Smart Move Academy in Bihar on 14th October 2023 was a vital initiative to educate and empower girls and women about menstrual health.


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