COVID-19 Awareness & Mask Distribution

Shining Souls has organised a series of Awareness Campaign on Pandemic Covid-19 and Mask distribution Programme in multiple villages / markets in Panchdeori Block, Distt. Gopalganj, Bihar on 17th of April & 18th of April 2020 Mr. Manish Srivastava, B.D.O. of Panchdeori Block and Mr. Rahul Sinha, Chairman, Shining Souls Trust was inaugurate the campaign with hosting green flag. Around 30 volunteers are participated in the programme to distribute mask or aware the peoples of villages / markets. 

Concept Note :

Shining Souls conducted this awareness program on “DISTRIBUTION OF MASKS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. Basically the volunteer's had to create awareness about the recent pandemic (Covid-19) which has taken place and how it has effected the lives of every citizen. In light of this it was important to inform the people that how important it is to take proper precautionary measures and not just for any particular section of people like senior citizens or  children for example, but for every section of society irrespective of their age or health. 

The present condition of majority of citizens is quite grim. The virus has taken a heavy toll on the lives of every citizen especially those who belong from underprivileged sections of society, those who are poor and those who are homeless. Masks and hand sanitizers are the basic resources and

essentials required for the prevention of Covid-19 and its spread but unfortunately these sections do not have access to even those basic essentials. These people due to their financial constraints and social position in society are not privileged enough to get access to these resources. They even have limited access to healthcare. They are denied their basic rights and are looked down upon by the society and in majority  of the cases are left homeless without any aid. They are left unattended due to which most of them get into begging while others die due to poor conditions of living, unhygienic environment and lack of resources. Thus, it is very important to spread awareness among these sections of people regarding the current state of affairs and what all guidelines are being issued by the concerned authorities for the safety of the people. More importantly since they do not have access to the basic essentials, it is our obligation as a concerned citizen to help them in these trying times and make the best we can. This will ensure them a brighter and safe future and they will be able to live their lives under good and safe conditions.

Objective :

The main objective of the Shining Souls was to create awareness and educate people about the current pandemic and the duties of the citizens which they have to abide by to ensure their safety, security and how it is important for them and the society at large. The urban populace is well versed with its duties and is well aware regarding the recent trends along with the means to safeguarding their rights.

To educate people about the current pandemic through articles, videos etc.

To make them aware about our society’s state of affairs

To make them capable of handling this difficult situation by providing them with

the necessary resources such as masks and making them aware about the same. 

Preliminary Preparation

Before conducting the event, the following preparations were made-

Making notes and collecting data for giving information on the topic.

Collecting masks for distributing.

Arranging refreshments to be served for volunteers.

Conducting the program

The said event was conducted in Panchdeori Block, Distt. Gopalganj, Bihar where there are many people who are needy, villegers and belong to underprivileged sections of society. The target population were people from all walks of life. We thought that it would be ideal to conduct the campaign here since majority of the people living there belong from villege sections of the society and hence are uneducated and unaware of their rights and duties and more importantly the current situation.

We took help from the notes and posters which we had prepared before coming for the campaign and explained them the current situation which we are going through and how important it is for all of us to fight this situation i.e. the pandemic together and keep ourselves immune from the virus.

Furthermore, we also explained the redressal mechanisms they can avail if they contract the virus or if any close relatives or friends of theirs get the virus or come in contact with a Covid positive person.

After explaining them the same, we donated masks to them which we had brought along with our volunteers. 

Response of the target population

The reaction of the audience was very encouraging and positive. They were thankful of the things distributed to them and were pleased to know the information given to them. They were unaware about this initially and were benefitted immensely by this awareness drive.

Future plan of action

Similarly conducting these awareness drives in other areas and institutions so that more people can be benefitted from it.


The objective could be better served and achieved if there were more number of volunteers participating since this increases the support and spreads the message much faster to a wider audience. Prior collaboration with some more organization / government would also be better as it would increase the target audience and the purpose of the social message would be much more effectively served.


It was an amazing experience conducting this campaign. we got the chance to educate people on this and give them items necessary for their survival this made us feel very good. Also this is not only beneficial for the target audience but is also beneficial for the society at large. Looking forward to conducting more such campaigns in the near future.

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