COVID 19 Awareness Street Play (Nukkad Natak)

As we all know due to corona virus there is three lockdown are occurred in three phase, and we all are locked in a room. Hence at this time our team decided to make this time as productive time by involving some creative activities.

in March 2020 in third phase of covid-19 government announced lockdown to fight against corona.  

Shining Souls decided to spread awareness by creating a Nukkad Natak in association with Action Drama Creations and sharing it with affective caption via social media platforms. Nukkad Natak includes points like how we can maintain distance from others and safe us to save our nation. 

As part of this series, a Nukkad Natak was performed / recorded for online awareness about COID-19  in April 2021. Nukkad Natak totally aimed to educate the peoples about the deadly virus. The performers also advise the viewers to use masks and get vaccines to be safe through the street play.

Mr. Ajay Diwakar , and team Provost while praising the efforts to urged the boarders to follow COVID appropriate behavior. They advised peoples to use masks all the time and sanitize their hands regularly. As well as team trying to provost against the deadly corona virus and advised them to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

You can watch this Street Play / Nukkad Natak Here.....

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