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Sports Development

Shining Souls (Trust): Fostering Unity and Excellence Through Sports


Shining Souls (Trust) is a shining light in the realm of non-governmental organizations in India, with an unwavering commitment to sports development. Their unwavering dedication to promoting sports as a unifying force and catalyst for individual and community growth is nothing short of inspirational.

The Power of Sports:

In a diverse nation like India, sports possess the unique ability to transcend barriers and unite people from different backgrounds, regions, and cultures. Shining Souls recognizes the intrinsic value of sports as not just a physical activity but a means to foster unity, instil discipline, and drive personal and communal excellence.

Promoting Sports:

Shining Souls (Trust) actively promotes sports and its benefits through various programs and initiatives:

  1. Grassroots Development: The trust believes in nurturing talent from an early age. They organize grassroots-level sports programs, helping children discover their potential and passion for various sports.
  2. Community Sports: Shining Souls encourages communities to participate in sports by providing access to sports skills and organizing local sports events. We promote physical fitness and social cohesion.
  3. Skill Enhancement: The trust offers training and coaching to aspiring athletes, empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to compete at higher levels.

Uniting Societies:

Sports have an incredible ability to bring people together, transcending differences and fostering unity. Shining Souls (Trust) leverages this power to:

  1. Promote Inclusivity: The trust actively works to ensure that sports are accessible to people of all backgrounds, irrespective of gender, socio-economic status, or physical ability.
  2. Cross-Cultural Exchange: Shining Souls encourages sports events that bring together individuals from different regions, fostering cultural exchange and mutual understanding.
  3. National Pride: By nurturing talent and helping athletes reach national and international levels, the trust instils a sense of national pride and unity among the population.

Impact on Communities:

The tireless efforts of Shining Souls have brought about a positive impact on communities across India. By promoting sports, they have not only enhanced physical health but also empowered individuals and promoted communal unity. Communities that once felt divided have found a common bond in the spirit of sports.

Success Stories:

Shining Souls (Trust) has numerous success stories of athletes who have risen from humble beginnings to become national and international champions. These stories are a testament to the trust's commitment to developing talent and fostering excellence.

Get Involved:

Shining Souls (Trust) welcomes individuals, sports enthusiasts, and corporate partners to join hands in their mission to promote sports development and unity. Your support, whether in the form of financial contributions, volunteering, or promoting sports in your community, can make a substantial difference in realizing the potential of sports to unite societies.


Shining Souls (Trust) serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, demonstrating the power of sports to unite societies and drive personal and communal growth. Their commitment to sports development goes beyond medals and trophies; it's about building a stronger, more united India. With unwavering dedication and a passion for sports, Shining Souls (Trust) continues to inspire unity, excellence, and the spirit of sportsmanship in all.

Our Sports Development Events

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Panchdeori Block Athletics Championship-2021

Through the Shining Souls Athlete Development Programme we identify and develop potential and aspiring athletes, providing them with exceptional opportunities to achieve sporting excellence in the following areas:


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Tree Plantation Programme

Shining Souls successfully organized Tree Plantation programme on 8th of Aug, 2022 Under the guidance of Chairman of Shining Souls, Mr. Rahul Sinha & All trustee. We acknowledge & thanks to Importance of Forestry Method of Tree Plantation


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1ST Gopalganj District Junior Kho-Kho Championship 2022

Shining Souls & Shining Souls Sports Club organized 1ST Gopalganj District Junior Kho-Kho Championship 2022 in collaboration with Kho-Kho Association of Bihar


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44th Senior National Throwball (Men & Women) Championship

Throwball Association of Gopalganj and Shining Souls (Trust) under the banner of Throwball Association of Bihar held the title of both the categories of the 44th Senior National (Women and Men) Throwball Championship 202


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