Tree Plantation Drive

We conducted Tree Plantation Drive (Selfie with Tree) Campaign online this year due to COVID - 19 Outbreak. This programme was successfully organised under banner of Shining Souls Social Media Platforms.

On Environment Day, Rahul Sinha, Chairman of Shining Souls Trust called for making World Environment Day a success by planting fruitful and shady trees. If all the citizens of India plant a tree at their door or in the fields, then surely the World Environment Day will be successful. Rahul Sinha, Chairman, Shining Souls Trust said the above. Shri Sinha said that by planting trees, the environment becomes clean and we need a clean environment to live life. Shri Sinha President Shining Souls appealed to the public and dignitaries to plant a tree on World Environment Day. Plantation was done by Shining Souls Trust in village Machwa. Regarding trees and plants, it is written in our scriptures that one tree is equal to hundred sons, that is, one tree is equal to hundred sons. We get Ayurveda and medicines from these trees and plants, as well as clean oxygen is also available. That's why all of you must plant a tree

A tree provides us with fresh air and oxygen without which the existence of life on earth becomes impossible. We need to do more tree plantation campaigns as trees not only provide with oxygen but also play an essential role in the ecology. Ecological imbalance can cause flood, drought and various other natural calamities that can lead to the destruction of life.

“A human consumes about 550 liters of pure oxygen per day. Based on a market survey, we found out that the average cost of a 2.75-liter portable oxygen cylinder is Rs. 6,500. At this rate, a human consumes worth about Rs. 13 lakhs of oxygen per day” TOI reported.

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