Self Defense Training Programme

Being Citizen of India we saw Nirbhaya, Asifa many more unnoticed incidents where our innocent sisters were being victimized. We were devastated and felt bad about how cruel men being so rude to innocent girls. Some people expressed their pain in social media, some did even better they came out and participated in candle rallies. But we wanted to express our pain by bringing some fundamental change in society. That is by our mission.

Mission: To provide self defense training to 500 girls in 2020 and bring awareness  & Education in the society.

Self Defense Movement Against Rape & Teasing (S.M.A.R.T.) as a movement: 

It is oblivious that we can’t stop atrocities on women by simply training them self-defense.  To address the problem at fundamental level, change in men’s perspective is needed. That’s when Self Defense Movement Against Rape & Teasing (S.M.A.R.T.)  transformed into a movement.
1.     A movement to bring awareness in colleges and schools Using short films, videos, 
2.     Forming committees in college level, using websites and social media to pass our message 
    loud and clear.
3.     Teaching the importance of yoga and meditation to channelize their energies in proper 

Why Self Defense Movement Against Rape & Teasing (S.M.A.R.T.)  Campaign?

8    Every day in news we find woman being victimized or sexually abused. 
8    As per the ‘National Crimes Record Bureau’s report on crimes against women:
8    Rapes against children have increased by 82 percent from 2018 to 2019
8    According to the NCRB data, 4,15,786 rape cases were reported across India between 
    2001 and 2017 rape cases were reported in India.

8    While 3,305 rape cases were lodged in 2017, the number rose and touched 4,335 in 2018. 
    In 2019, the registered rape cases reached 5,997. From 2018 to 2019, crimes against 
    women increased by 49.14 per cent in the state. Apart from rape, complaints of 
    harassment and eve-teasing too rose. There was an increase of 22 per cent in rape cases 
    under the Pocso Act.
8    In 2019, the highest increase was in cases of eve-teasing, which was 68 per cent more than 
    the previous year. 

  • In approximately every 13 minutes, a woman gets raped in India.
  • Nearly 106 women are raped every day in India.
  • Even after the Nirbhaya incident, Delhi has seen a rise of  rapes by 227%.
  • 6 children are raped every day.
  • Is India unsafe for women?  A: No , but it might become if we do nothing anything against the rising atrocities  against women.
  • How can we make our country a safer place ? A: There are many ways but we chose the SMART way, join hands and help us achieve out target.
  • Let’s find out how we can contribute to make India safe for women.

    Shining Souls group of professionals, students and others interested in a collective and collaborative work. Our wish is to shoulder children with warmth and invest our time and effort in creating a platform for the orphans, poor and needy. Our goal is towards continuous development of the kids and makes them as “Jack of All Trades.”

Current Self Defense Movement Against Rape & Teasing (S.M.A.R.T.)  Training is being done for 200 Girls at 1 School Campus:
Locations: Smart Move Academy, Bihar.
Expenses on SMART Initative by Shining Souls
SI     Offer Self Defense Training to a Girl
1.    10 Sessions Trainer Fee (3 Month)          Rs1200.00
2.    Uniform for Each Kid                                Rs 700.00
3.    Achievement Medal & Practice Kit            Rs100.00
5.    Awareness activities & operations cost     Rs200.00
                                                     Total        Rs. 2200.00

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