Mega Tree Plantation Programme

Importance of Forestry Method of Tree Plantation

The most common and known purpose of tree plantation is forestry. The forest is very important for maintaining the ecological balance of the environment of the earth. Also, earlier the forest use to cover a major part of the surface of the earth. But, now due to the rapid cut down of forest due to industries, and land for settlement the number of forests has reduced.

Apart from that, the forest grows naturally but in order to increase the speed of reforestation, our contribution is a must for it. Also, it will help the forest to recover from the loss due to deforestation. Furthermore, with our help, the pace of tree plantation can be increased.
Importance of Landscaping Method of Tree Plantation

We do this type of plantation in rural areas. Most of these areas of cities lack trees and plants, there is no space for plantation. which are effecting our green belt as well. Villagers also don’t have knowledge of importance of plantation. Also, it makes the atmosphere of the villages more tolerable.

In addition, it renders a good feeling and makes the place worth living. It is the easiest way to beautify the surrounding. Trees are often planted for the purpose of reforming.

Besides, it does not only make the surrounding beautiful but also provides various other benefits and helps in beating the heat.

Shining Souls for the cause

Shining Souls successfully organized Tree Plantation programme on 28th of July, 2019 Under the guidance of Chairman of Shining Souls, Mr. Rahul Sinha & All trustee. We acknowledge & thanks to Mrs Siddhi Bala, Somra Uraon, Ishwar Chandra Tiwari, Local Head Ram Sakal Singh Kushwaha, Head of Vindhyanchal Mr. Ram Durga Shukl, Nitin Singh, Manish Kumar, Virendra Baitha, Suresh Yadav, Anjana Tuhina Asthana, Vipin Upadhyay, Ashish Kushwaha, Shubham Chaubey, Urvashi Shah, Premlata Gupta, Kulteep Singh, Aslam Alam, Sudhakar Dikshit as well as locals who have participated in this programme. 

Around 2001 saplings were planted from Machwa to Bahwrwa both side of road. Apart from tree plantation, Street show were also organised by Students. 

After the tree plantation and Street Show program, a meeting was organised. The residents of the areas were also motivated to participate in the program. Students also addressed the gathering. Students highlighted the importance of avoiding plastic use. 

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