Jal, Jeewan, Hariyali (Human Chain & Art Programme)

Over 5 crore people from across the state joined hands to form a "maanav shrinkhla" (human chain) resembling the map of Bihar. The event was to bring attention to environmental conservation and fighting social issues like child marriage, dowry and consumption of alcohol in the state.

Bihar Government's Jal Jivan Hariyali mission focuses on the conservation of traditional water resources, afforestation, fighting climate change among other objectives.

Chairman of Shining Souls Trust Mr. Rahul Sinha along with government officials participated in an 18,034 km human chain to make people aware of climate change, social ills such as dowry and child marriage. The event took place at Panchdeori Block, Distt. Gopalganj Bihar from 11:30 am to noon.

On this occasion Mr. Sinha Said  this is an ambitious multi stakeholder programme with the objective of climate sustenance, conservation and rejuvenation of water bodies and to keep water pollution free, maintaining level of Ground water, ensuring adequate water availability, climate resilient agriculture, energy conservation etc. and promoting climate awareness among the masses.

About Jal, Jeewan, Hariyali Programme of State Government (Bihar)

JAL-JEEVAN-HARIYALI Mission (JJHM) has been established to kick off time bound and mission mode accelerated implementation of 11 target interventions that involves identification and rejuvenation of all public conventional water storage structures, construction of check dams and other water harvesting structures in small rivers / drains and water storage in the hilly area, Creation of new water sources and taking/delivering of water from the surplus river area to water deficit areas, Construction of Rain Water Harvesting Structures in the buildings, Creation of nurseries and dense plantation of trees, Promoting the usage of Alternative Cropping, Drip Irrigation, Organic Farming and other new techniques along with the Promotion of the usage of solar energy and encouraging conservation of energy. JAL-JEEVAN-HARIYALI Mission offers a great opportunity to citizen of India to recommit and strive to our path towards more sustainable future, as promised by its logo: Water, Life and Greenery, only then will be Prosperity.

For targeted and time bound delivery and monitoring of specific outcomes. The JJH Mission invites Applications for the following positions. Before applying for the vacant positions, please read the JJHM components carefully for suitability of your candidature. Components of JAL-JEEVAN-HARIYALI Mission are-

  • Identifying and removing encroachments from public water bodies, reservoirs, etc
  • Restoration and rejuvenation of public water bodies such as Ponds/Tanks/Aahars/Payeens.
  • Identification and renovation of public wells.
  • Construction of soak pits/recharge pits and other water conservation structure near  public wells and hand pumps.
  • Construction of check dams and water conservation structures near small rivers, drains  and water storage structures in hilly areas.
  • Construction of New Water Resources. Channelling/delivering water from the rivers  having surplus water to the water deficit areas.
  • Roof Top Rain-Water Harvesting Structure.
  • Developing nurseries and massive afforestation.
  • Adaptation of alternative agriculture, drip irrigation bio-farming and other new techniques.
  • Promoting use of solar energy and savings on energy.
  • JAL-JEEVAN-HARIYALI awareness campaign.

The JAL-JEEVAN-HARIYALI Abhiyaan is being implemented in coordination with various departments and the Rural Development Department has been designated as the Nodal Department

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