Bed Sheet Distribution Programme for Poor and helpless

    People usually say that thousands of people die of cold, but we say that they die due to lack of woollen clothes and woolen sheets. Poor and helpless people sleep in rags at footpath and roadside and die of cold. These poor people sleep close to each other during cold waves but how one can sleep sound without sheets or quilt in such conditions. They shiver due to cold breeze all the night and some old age persons die of these waves.

Shining Souls distributed woollen sheets to these poor people so that they may be able to protect themselves from cold in winter nights. For getting relief from cold, more than 150 selected helpless and poor people got sheets in Ambedkar Nagar, New Delhi. These eye bliend people had to sleep all night shivering in rags.

Shining Souls, selected some poor and helpless people and get them Sheets. All of them were happy to get the sheets and were also excited that now they would be able to have a sound sleep in cold nights. The initiative of Shining Souls has a positive effect among the area of Ambedkar Nagar. All the locals came forward to help such poor and needy people and gave them their sheets. All the poor benefeciaries appreciated Shining Souls for what they did and thanked them for their human service and public interest.

Thanking you for your kind cooperation and support of volunteers Without your generous support it is very difficult for us to '' Donate A BedSheet to A Needy Person !  !!''

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