44th Senior National Throwball (Men & Women) Championship

Under the banner of the Throwball Federation of India and the Throwball Association of Bihar, the Throwball Association of Gopalganj will hosted the 44th Senior National (Women and Men) Throwball Championship from March 25 to March 28, 2023, at the Smart Move Academy Sports Ground, Panchdeori Block, Gopalganj which is sponsored by Shining Souls Trust & Shining Souls Sports Club.

In Presence of Mr. Neeraj Kumar Pappu, the founder secretary of the Throwball Association of Bihar men’s and women’s teams from about 28 state units affiliated with the Throwball Federation of India participated in this tournament.

Fifth time, the national throwball tournament is being organised in Bihar. Prior to this, four national tournaments were organised in Patna.

Rahul Sinha, Chairman, Shining Souls Trust has been well taken responsibility and organized Tournament Successfully. Winning and runner-up teams received attractive prizes along with the gleaming trophy. Several subcommittees are being formed to oversee the massive tournament.

In this Event Delhi has won Trophy in both of the Category.

Throwball Association of Gopalganj and Shining Souls (Trust) under the banner of Throwball Association of Bihar held the title of both the categories of the 44th Senior National (Women and Men) Throwball Championship 2023 held on Tuesday at Machwa Sports Ground in the local block area. won. The Bihar team finished fourth in the men's category. In the women's category, the runner-up team was from Tamil Nadu while in the men's category, the runner-up team was from Madhya Pradesh. The third position in the women's category was won by the Karnataka team and the third position in the men's category by the Odisha team. In the women's final, Delhi defeated Tamil Nadu 15-12, 8-15, 15-10. In the third place match, Karnataka defeated Madhya Pradesh 15-7, 15-10. In the men's final, Delhi defeated Madhya Pradesh 15-7, 15-12. Odisha defeated Bihar 15-8, 15-8 in the third-place match. Earlier in the women's semi-finals, Delhi beat Karnataka 15-7, 15-12 and Tamil Nadu beat Madhya Pradesh 15-4, 15. Earlier in the men's semi-finals, Delhi defeated Odisha 15-5, 15-10 and Madhya Pradesh defeated Bihar 15-1, 15-1 to enter the finals.

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